cell phone shot of the day

The Lincoln Tunnel

Laura Bruen, NYC Photographer, NJ Photographer

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  • Okay, this was TOTALLY creepy! TOTALLY.
    To make a long story short, seconds ago I had a convo with a coworker about prayer, I am NOT a very religious person, I thank God daily for things, but I am not a praying person. Anyway, I told her the only time I did say a prayer was as I drove through the Lincoln Tunnel daily on my way into the city for work. I would say the Hail Mary and Our Father the entire span of the tunnel and then would thank GOD that my bus NJ transit #137 made it through. I hated, hated, hated that tunnel.

    Then I log onto my puter to start work, and do my morning blog check, and there was your cell photo. TOTALLY CREEPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally maybe minutes after we chatted about my tunnel OCD! Yikes! Coincidence??? {shudder}!ReplyCancel

  • I’m sorry to get you scared this morning. On some level, we must be connected 😉 I have a fear of tunnels also, what was that movie with Sly where the tunnel flooded? UGH! I’m always scared of that – I can definitely relate, although I think I held my breath!ReplyCancel

  • Hope

    Just looked over all the photos, and thought which one should I comment on…and I immediately thought: the Lincoln Tunnel shot!!!!!! Out of ALL these pics, this stood out, because girl…YOU ARE CRAZY! I too, Dawn hate that tunnel and cannot believe you (Laura) were driving and taking shots in that creepy, crazy tunnel!!! Great shot though! And you too certainly connected and shared a moment in the cosmic universe. Energy baby…it really, really is true!ReplyCancel

  • Right on, Hope, right on. 😉 ReplyCancel

  • […] Dawn, if you see this one, know that it took everything I had in me not to take another Lincoln Tunnel shot! […]ReplyCancel