cell phone shot of the day

All the rage now, jarring goods! I have to say, I really dig the look aesthetically…looks better than boxes and takes up nearly the same amount of space, plus you can see everything. Everything looks so decorative and it’s about 8 bucks for a box of 12. Good to add a splash of color to your kitchen or pantry without spending a ton of money (and half of this stuff you would have anyway, right?)

My next home project is going to be my pantry I think. Gotta love the look of these back-lit babies! 😉

Laura Bruen, NYC Photographer, NJ Photographer

  • Hi Laura! This is from a cell phone? wow! It’s true that it doesn’t matter the tool you use…it’s all on the eye of the photographer. Great shot! :o)

  • You pictures are very cool! very unique. I love love love the idea of cell phone shot of the day!!!

  • Great idea, i may do that.. 🙂