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I’ll kick this back into gear by saying first and foremost, I think that the fact that Target gives designers exposure is very cool. They are rotating new (and established) designer items for less. You may have noticed.

Today’s cell phone shot of the day shows you the current bag designer featured at Target.

Laura Bruen, NYC Photographer, NJ Photographer

Now, Devi Kroell bags go for like, $2,000.00 as seen on her website. Thanks to Target, the average working person can actually afford one of her amazing designs.

Getting to the point – it would be *really* cool if Target didn’t splash their name all over the product. I understand that Target has to make their publicity somehow – but there simply has to be another way. I should have taken a shot of the plate on one of the bags stamped “DEVI KROELL – FOR TARGET”. Now, I get it, advertise it on the inside, actually allow someone unable to afford the bag to feel, as you say in your ad, as if they’ve obtained – “Unlimited Luxury”. You don’t have to remind everyone else of the fact that it’s from Target, believe me, if they purchased it, they know already ;-).

In the meantime, I’ll skip this section and continue to SAVE until I can afford a bag that doesn’t have the department store name all over it.

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  • marie

    So true, so true. I buy knockoffs, but I don’t advertise that they ARE knockoffs, ha ha ha.ReplyCancel