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nicole & robert – the slideshow

Nicole & Robear’s blog post is on fire!!! How exciting!!! I’m so happy that their friends and family are enjoying the results of their engagement session! Here’s their slideshow! Do you know someone that just became engaged that would love something like this? Wanna give the ultimate engagement gift? *wink*! Contact me for information on…

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  • Sweet shots! Love the light in so many… 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Carleton

    I love the black and white background and the song was perfect for these pictures. Very Nice. Who sings the song anyway?ReplyCancel

  • TT Cathy

    LOVE U

  • Jen McLaughlin

    Nicole, Your picts are beautiful!!! So happy for the both of you…you both look so happy and care free…a sign of a PERFECT relationship :)!ReplyCancel

  • Monica

    For anyone who is already in love, watching this slideshow feels like an afternoon strolling through a favorite familiar place. I have goosebumps and (I must admit) am still a little misty-eyed. What a wonderful way to capture a day that embodies a lifetime to come. Norm and I wish for the two of you all the peace and love you can possibly squeeze into the universe. Thanks so much for sharing.
    PS – Chewy loved watching too. 🙂ReplyCancel

we’re engaged: nicole & robear

Whew, what a fun time I had with Nicole and Robert (aka “Robear”) on Sunday. What a session!!! We had so many laughs – they just don’t skip a BEAT AND…we did…after all, survive poison ivy, spiders, barbed wire, and horseflies. The session took place at “Tower Hill Farm”, a 1920 To-Die-For Private Estate in…

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  • Nicole


    Last night when I opened the link to view our slide show I was so pleased with the photos you took, and the way you orchestrated the pictures with the song that I LOVE, was just AWESOME!!! I watched it like twenty times last night and twenty times today…hehehe!!! Robear and I both had tears in our eyes when we watched it. It is so funny/weird, because I know how much I love him, but the photos somehow reminded me of how much I truly do love him. He is the BEST!!!

    We had such a GREAT time with you and we were so comfortable with you that it did not seem like we were having a shoot. It just felt like we were all good friends enjoying the day. You have a way with people that will make you very successful and I wish you all the BEST!!!

    Thanks so much for the AWESOME pictures!!!

    “As far as living a healthy, happy life goes, I hold loving and being loved right up there with fresh air and water.” — Oprah WinfreyReplyCancel

  • Christina Arce

    WOW! The pictures came out GREAT. She did a TERRIFIC job. I loved them all. You can see the HAPPINES in all of the pictures. Now I know who to go to for pictures. I may even see if I can get some pictures taken of boys when we go for our trip to Jersey this time around. =.) LOVE YOU GUYS
    P.S And I really do love them all……ReplyCancel

  • Angie

    Ok, so I was finally able to watch the slide show with music…………………I have tears running down my face. Let me say that it’s evident through the way you look at Robear how much you love him. I am honored that I was there the first night you met Robear at Salt Creek Grill…..we had fun! STUNNING!!! Nicole, those were the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen!!!! I can’t wait to see the wedding Album!! I wish you and Robear all the best with all my heart…… deserve it!


  • Sandi von Pier

    What an awesome slideshow of such a happy couple. The photographer is fantastic!

    Lovely setting. Beautiful couple. Fantastic photos!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy Liu-Nelius

    These pictures were amazing! Just like the couple in them!!!!


  • Mother of the Bride, Margaux

    Hi Laura,
    You captured the beauty of Nicole and Robear’s love, with such insight , passion,intutivness. It is truly your gift and artistic integrity that we can all see the love they share.

    As Nicole’s Mom, the tears just streamed down my face. I of course have always thought Nicole was stunning but you captured her soul.

    Thank you so much, now I can’t wait to see their Wedding pictures.
    Margaux PalmiereReplyCancel

  • Share the slideshow too!!!!!!! I adore 14 & 16!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Rob F.

    Very very well done. Excellent.ReplyCancel

  • Claudine

    You look absolutely gorgeous. Love the pics, photographer did great job… you are both so photogenic! You still have that same smile!! I love it, love it, love it!! Congrats to you girl! Keep me posted on all your upcoming exciting news. I wish you nothing but PURE happiness, a new journey and many more great memories!!



  • Louis

    Beautiful…they make you feel warm & fuzzy.
    PS who’s the guy in the last picture? LOLReplyCancel

  • Dom M.

    That was awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Cousin Debbie

    Very nice Nickel!!ReplyCancel

  • Darlene


  • Jaime C

    Sorry I didn’t get to speak to you. That made me very emotional…. Too cute & She did a great job. And you look awesome in all the photos;

    Love you TTYLReplyCancel

  • Hilary

    They are awesome, they made me cry, lol. i especially like the one of you guys down the little road, off in the distance, and you look like a sex bomb in the ones in front of the doors. my favorite though is the one close up of you looking directly at the camera and it is rob’s profile with his eyes closed. simply beautiful.

    ok. hope all is well, have a good day!
    hil xoReplyCancel

  • Margaret

    The stills are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like you. A lifetime of health, love and happiness.

    M & JReplyCancel

  • Maximilian

    Very sweet, congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy

    Great shots of you guys! You look like very happy and like you’re having a lot of fun. Hope all else is well.


  • Roxi

    nice pics cole! will i see you at angie’s on Saturday????
    P.S. who’s the hottie in the apron???

    Love, RoxiReplyCancel

  • Jenny & Michael

    Nicole – That was really BEAUTIFUL!
    You both look so happy!~
    Congratulations again!ReplyCancel

  • Carleton

    I love the black and white background and the song for the slideshow was perfect for these pictures. Very Nice.

    Who sings the song anyway?ReplyCancel

  • Shanna

    Nicole you are stunning I knew you were beautiful but my goodness you re really photogenic . They are awesome pic’s of you guys, good luck choosing just one. I vote for the one with that guy in picture with you, its the best!ReplyCancel

  • samantha

    AWESOME. Great job Laura!!ReplyCancel

  • Angela

    I enjoyed these pictures, not only because laura did such an amazing job with her angles and how she really captured the essence of the estate… but the love you both share just shines through each and every shot.. your child like innocence, your playfulness and your passion.
    Just simply beautiful!!
    All the best today and always!!!
    Love, AngReplyCancel

  • erin

    Congratulations Nicole and Robear!! Laura, I am so proud of you… these pictures look brilliant and absolutely capture the moment!! Hope you continue to do fantastic work…

    Love you.ReplyCancel

  • Josie

    Ahhhh!!! Unbelievably beautiful…piggy back ride shots are my favorite!!

    You guys are soo cute! Congrats on the engagement!


  • […] get a real tree for our living room, it will not be until next Saturday morning before I go shoot Nicole & Robert’s Wedding in the […]ReplyCancel

cell phone shot of the day

Fararri Bowm Bowm, chicka chickahhhh

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