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the farm: the downstairs bathroom, numero uno.

Refer to lower level floorplan for location. If you don’t have access to that, you’ll have to request it. Behold the current state of one of the downstairs bathrooms. You know it’s time for a bathroom update when my 2 year old starts tearing off the wallpaper. I think she is giving us a HUGE…

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  • See – this is why I don’t want to permanently affix any wallpaper in my house. Im sure whoever put that up thought it was the cat’s pajamas!

    Can you get rid of the wallper and leave the rest until you have more time/resources for a reno? There really is nothing wrong with it that the wallpaper remover and some white paint can’t solve. Its got a lot of charm and space so thats more than most bathrooms have.

    Have you tired that spray window insulation? It can help a lot if the window is not leaking warm air.ReplyCancel

  • Yes. I can certainly remove the wallpaper – I intend to either do that myself or have Gwen, the 2 year old finish up the job she started!

    Seriously though – the floor is buckling because vinyl was installed OVER tile – so I may just go ONCE MORE over and then wait a year or two – then gut.

    I’m sure that spray window insulation would work wonders – but not in the CLOSET where it appears to have the leak. The window is fine. The closet is freezing. I hate getting my towels out when it’s cold.ReplyCancel

  • […] photos of my husband’s discovery in the downstairs bathroom for the next home renovation post. This will presumably be pushed for tomorrow’s list, which […]ReplyCancel