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living with ghosts…version 2

It has been a while since I’ve mentioned anything about our noisy guests (I suppose a better word would be “inhabitants”).   If yo’ure new to the blog and have yet to hear of the spooky past…please mosey on over to read the original ghost post. One evening in December of 2007, we had our good…

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  • I don’t think I could deal with any ghosts. I can barely stand the house settling type creaks when Im alone late at night. When we first bought our house, I’d try to call out any ghosts whenever we were working in there. I figure if they haven’t shown up in a year, I think Im safe right?

    Good luck keeping your friends friendly 🙂ReplyCancel

  • You’re not living there yet 😉

    Who knows???

    You could deal with them if you HAD to, believe me!ReplyCancel

  • F-R-E-A-K-Y!!!!!! “the call is coming from inside the house!!!!!!!” what movie was that??? With the sitter????

    Realistic Explanation: With all of the hiccups that cell phone companies have these days, late messages, dropped calls, I would chalk it up to a missed call signal coming late.

    Dawn’s Expalantion: Since you were TALKING about the ghosts, and this is YOU, I would say, yeah, a ghost called from INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEK!!!!!!!!!!

    (no photo of the cell phone with the missed call??? Come on Ms. Laura ‘the bomb’ photog, you’re slacking!!!!!)ReplyCancel

  • Oh Laura… I could tell you SO many stories, and not just from one location. Seems like from as early as I can remember I have had “experiences” I never talk about them to anyone, why I am doing so here I don’t know, but you tell people and they just know you are cracked. You guys don’t know me, I’m pretty normal, not eccentric, not a drama queen… Nothing special, pretty urban house wife. No one would guess me as telling these stories really…. I’m not a whack-o I swear!

    When I was real young, this blue light would come and hang in the corner of my room, sometimes for hours.

    In HS, a friend and I were messing around and told her ghost to make it’s self known, and the radio turned on in the next bedroom unattended, and the garage door flew open.

    Later in HS at a birthday party the girls got out the Ouija board. I asked what I was getting for my birthday and it said frosty, later that evening, my parents took me to the stables and there was a huge ribbon on a stall and the horses name was frosty sox. No one knew my present, it was another girls birthday party on the same day as mine, I was having mine the following Saturday.

    After I graduated, before my grandmother’s funeral, the phone rang. When I answered it in front of my boyfriend, there was static, then very clearly, grandma said my name and that was all.

    Some nights I could feel my ferret climb up in bed with me like she always had, the bed actually felt like it pressed down on that spot, but she had been gone for almost a year.

    I had the same experience with something that sat at the edge of my bed and would put it’s hand on my thigh comforting. I always felt like it was grandma.

    I lived in upstate NY for a year, and had a ghost that would go up and down our stairs. 20 feet from me when no one was home, talk about freaky, and you could just feel if it was irritated or just pacing, don’t ask me how but you just knew, later my husband at the time, mentioned it after I had never said anything about it.

    When my daughter started speaking in broken sentences around 2 1/2 or 3ish, she told me the story of the face in her bedroom window. This face would check in on her to see if she was doing well, and she called him “David” My husband’s late father’s name that to my knowledge had never been mentioned to her he was even passed.

    I can alway find some logical reason for why those things happened and passed them off, but after a while, a person does tend to come back and say, hmmm what if?

    These days, the dogs go off for no reason at all. I have caught glimpses of movement just at or beyond my peripheral vision, all explainable… And that’s just what I could think of in a couple of minutes, if I look back there have been so many!

    I will never know if we interpret them as paranormal, or if the realistic explanations are really the truth. But I can tell you, I would never entirely rule out ghosts! You phone call gave me goose bumps. I will never ever forget my static call, or the sound of that voice.ReplyCancel

  • Cyndie, thank you so much for sharing! Those are some REALLY creepy stories! I enjoyed reading them.

    I would like to also think that we’re relatively normal – never had any real experiences until we moved in here!ReplyCancel

  • Rhonda

    So I know this is a super old post, but as I’m a newer reader I’m going back through to catch up on things. I feel the need to comment on this as my Aunt has an older home that they are re-doing. They have ‘things” in their house as they have actually SEEN them. But they hear the stuff as well. Doors opening and closing, walking etc. One thing I wanted to point out is that they started have more of it when they started remodeling their house. My uncle was working upstairs one time and actually heard children running across the floor upstairs in the next room to him. He also would see things out of the corners of his eyes.

    Needless to say I don’t visit that house that often in fear I might actually see something that I don’t want to. My aunt thrives on stuff like this and had done quite a bit of research on this topic. So it doesn’t bother her a bit. It’s creepy to me but interesting at the same time.

    With the remodeling of the house I wonder if it’s more that your stirring the spirits or whatever it is up. I had things like that happening my parents house growing up. I actually had the same room as the previous owners son had who was killed in a motorcycle accident. And I was the one who experienced stuff…like being turned off, tv turned off and on. The list could go on.

    Hopefully your ghosts issues are minimal these days.ReplyCancel

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living with a ghost?

In the spirit of upcoming Halloween, I figured I’d share my own ghost story. This is going to sound crazy, so I’m going to preface it with telling you I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to such things and allow you to draw your own conclusions. When I was younger I used to be…

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  • Barbara

    My boys told me that one night when they had friends over, they were having snacks in the kitchen and there was a glass on the counter by the stove. They said both they and their friends saw the glass move from one side of the counter to the other. I’m sure I’ll remember other incidents and will come back and post them for you. I spoke to both my sons last night and told them of your phone call. They both thought it was pretty cool. As I said to you on the phone, nothing bad ever happened; we always thought he/she was glad to have a nice family live in the house and take care of it. So keep up the good work and don’t worry about a thing.ReplyCancel

  • Invite me over. NOW!!!!!! You and me get even wierder in our odd connections!!! I will shoot you an email in the morning, I am beat now but HAD to read your post. SERIOUSLY. Call them coincidences……….but I don’t!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Michele

    Get one of those clairvoyants over….then you’ll really know and sometimes they can get rid of the ghost!ReplyCancel

  • Maryann

    That is crazy,, I can’t believe it..keep me posted want to hear more…I do believe in stuff like this!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Time to call Jason and Grant.

    Get those TAPS folks out there to see what they find.

    You might also send the kiddo’s off to grandparents house, and have a ghost hunt with some of your friends. Stay up late, with tape recorders, video cameras and still cameras.

    Oh! You could be semi-official ghost hunters by the time the TAPS team comes out.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    That is some creepy S**T……. I totally believe in that stuff. Stay Safe haha!! Love YaReplyCancel

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