tag, i’m it

I’m it.

Apparently, the shtick is, I tell you 8 facts about me that you may not have already known, then I tag eight other bloggers. I owe this to Scott Neumyer. Thanks Scott – 🙂

Eight things about Laura Bruen:

  1. I’m absolutely obsessed with HGTV shows. I do not watch much TV, but when I do, it’s usually that channel. I LOVE Candice Olson and Debbie Travis’s Facelift – who has a new DIY Website! These two women are heroic! Martha Stewart is also one of my heroes. Is there anything that woman can’t do? I don’t get enough time to do all of the crafts she comes up with (or, rather, the 30 billion people she pays to come up with ideas). I just subscribed to Blueprint – which has a fantastic blog, Bluelines, check it out (be careful, it’s addicting)!
  2. My husband and I met and dated in High School and have essentially been together for 17 years 😉
  3. I am a magazine junkie. Anything from home improvement/decorating/sewing/shopping/fashion magazine/GOSSIP. I refuse to toss most of them out also. Who knows when I’ll need to reference when JLO broke up with Ben?
  4. I covet Jessica Biel. How can I get my rear to look like that? This woman’s body is unbelievable. I heard she never weighs herself.
  5. I am disciplined in a vast array of art. In addition to my photography, I paint and I draw. More info on that here.
  6. I am a Star Wars fan the cool kind, not the geek kind (I don’t dress up or anything like that). Although, our friend Mike Koss calls me the geek kind. This is purely due to the fact that I handed him a beating in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.
  7. Starbucks is a drug. I drink about 12 cups of coffee a day and it barely has any affect on me.
  8. I had 3 macs at one time, (g4’s). I swapped them all and got an Alienware. This thing purrs like a kitten. I’ll add a mac to the studio when it’s finished.
  9. (Bonus) I like to listen to all sorts of music, and I love Paul Oakenfold. Man’s a genius. Check out his video for “faster kill pussycat” featuring Brittney Murphy. HOT!

OK, here we go. You guys are now “It”. .

I’ll tag a non-photographer for the sake of diversity!

Mrs. Limestone – Because you’re doing some really amazing stuff with an amazingly beautiful property – and everyone should see it, especially others interested in home renovation.

Your turn everyone!

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  • mike koss

    true, she beat me silly in SW trivia. I think she memorized the answers though. cheater.
    i wouldn’t be too sure about her not dressing up in Star Wars outfits, either.ReplyCancel

  • OK Koss, now just wait until you see what I wear to your wedding. Hope you intended on inviting a wookie.ReplyCancel

  • Joe

    Hey Laura, we have something else in common,… I also covet Jessica Biel!!!ReplyCancel

  • Thanks for the mention. Of course Im stumped what to put on the list.ReplyCancel