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This will be a technical post about the software you use to browse the internet, called, a browser.  Aunt Pat, that means you probably will not understand what I’m talking about – but I hope you take a moment to read it, and maybe it will make your experience better!

Since I’m speaking about some bloggy stuff now – I’ll take the opportunity to mention to blog readers (who may consist of people that have their own website) that STILL, despite the fact of Firefox’s popularity, Internet Explorer still holds the title for the internet’s most used browser – and not even the most recent version either. 44% are still using IE 6!

That means a few things – I’m not here to school anyone on it, but I will say the most important thing – some crazy cool features that people are using won’t work on quite a few prospective client’s machines. Now, some choose to look the other way and think “Who cares? I don’t need those people that only have 800 x 600 screen resolution and don’t have flash installed on their computer and run AOL that blocks content”. I suppose that’s fine. The rest of us will take those clients 😉  Ha ha ah

Annoying, isn’t it?  Internet Explorer happens to be one of the SLOWEST browsers on the planet. I even went so far as to remove it from my desktop AND my start menu from my PC so I would force myself not to use it – it gets so tempting to click on the little”e”.   I do, however, keep it around for testing purposes to make sure those that still have the software are able to view my website.

To all of those users still browsing the web with Internet Explorer, I highly recommend Firefox – and demand that you download it!    Well…I won’t demand, but I’ll strongly suggest.


Click on that cool image to download it…what are you waiting for?  😉

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  • I’m with you sista’! I love firefox! Thanks for providing the link! What a giver!++ReplyCancel