There’s nothing like a little diversity – keeps the mind sharp. I’m a huge believer in that.

SO…we’re repainting our parlor right now.

Laura Bruen, NYC Photographer, NJ Photographer

Since about day 2 after painting this room, I absolutely hated the color it has been (click the link for immediate gratification) and I have HAD it. Reached my limit completely and my husband and I were unable to live another day with it that color.  Awful!  So I’ll be back here with an update soon on this one.

I’m still backed up on blogging about my sessions – tons of production work and busy booking season has had me on the go! It’s all good. We’ll see some brand new faces in the next few weeks that’s for sure!

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  • While this room looks perfectly lovely to me, Im dying to see how fabulous it looks when you’re done. So what did you decide for the new color?

    PS: Do you know how lucky you are to be married to someone who would care that the color wasn’t right? I think my husband would kill me in my sleep if I suggested we repaint something after it had just been painted. hahaReplyCancel

  • Tao Taupe – Benjamin Moore! I LOVE it. Will post shots once finished –

    Yes, I’m very lucky, because every room in this house has been painted over *save* the kitchen. Yes. I’m serious! We actually didn’t paint it over right away – we lived with it for a little over a year. ReplyCancel