Laura Bruen Photography Version 2.0!

Photograph by Laura Bruen, Artist & Photographer -

The website is launched, finally! If you haven’t yet seen it GO CHECK IT OUT!

This website has been an extreme labor of love for me these past few months. In addition to my normal workload now – which has been crazy busy, putting together my recent work and organizing it has been a trip! Lots of work!

Rebranding the company took a LOT out of me but I am elated at the result. I find it impossible to hire out when I have been in the creative business of branding for so many years – but doing it yourself does have it’s drawbacks (such as many sleepless nights – designers will agree, sometimes they’re up at night thinking about client branding issues, turn that towards oneself and that is escalated times 1000). I feel this design is representational of my work as it currently exists and my personality as well.

I hope you have a wonderful experience visiting the site – so much so that you come back and visit as I’ll be adding quite a bit to it in the immediate future. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list to be notified of updates while you’re there.

Upbeat, Excited, Creative. That’s Laura Bruen Photography Version 2.0 Lime Espresso!

My husband and I mixed some tracks for the Flash Version that I think are SUPER GROOVY 😉 Hope they make you dance in your seats a bit. We worked really hard on those and had a lot of fun doing it ;-)! Only 2 songs for now but we’ll be adding to the soundtrack soon enough.

TECH SPEAK: The flash site is a collabration of custom code and customized components – the design is not a template. Using components made the development much easier for me. I did 95% of the work myself coding and customizing the site from a design and functional standpoint.

I have a slew of blog posts that I’m working on now to complete my round of updates so I can get back on track here.

Comments appreciated!  Bugs?  Please email me.

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  • Laura, congratulations on the new website! Looks like a lot of work was done.

    Here is a couple suggestions.

    First thing I tried to do is to turn the music off, sorry. What I saw is eight different buttons. It took some time to find the right one. Make simple controls or bigger stop button, or just put stop/start button instead of all those controls. By the way, nice music. I just happen to listen to something different.

    I think you have way too many images, I was lost very soon and not sure why I am looking at them 🙂
    I would edit them down.

    I use the same software for slideshow. I tried to use numbers just like you, but they looked out of place. Numbers have no any useful information here. Check out my website to see what I did instead. You might like it better. Or take them down completely.

    Hope it will help!

  • Thank you Oleg for your very honest review!!!

    – May the force be with you.
    Laura & Michelle

    (who are having a little launch party)

    Oleg, I definitely appreciate your comments.

    I enjoy the music – it makes me jiggle. I can appreciate it being too loud for some, especially when they’re in a Nora Jones type of mood 😉 No worries there, to each their own.

    My theory behind having so many images is that the site is set to random, hence enabling users to view a random image out of however many (200 or so) for a new experience on every visit.

    Users can be consistently engaged in my content. The site is going to be ever evolving.

    The thought process behind the numbers as navigation for the images, I feel, it’s better for a client to reference and know that Sienna is in the lifestyle section, image number 23 than to scroll for a visual. I suppose this is all subjective – but I certainly wanted to address it.


    Thank you. – just LauraReplyCancel

  • Random images work like this – “Honey, look at this pretty picture! Seems to be photographed at those houses at Sandy… Opps! Where did this picture go…”.
    True story 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Oleg, I get it, it’s too fast transitionally and too random for you. Interesting feedback for consideration!!! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • samantha

    The music actually makes me feel very happy. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • WOW!!!!!!!!!! Still playing around over there, but it looks super groovy!!!!!! I love it! I have the site up so the music is on now in the background at work and everyone keeps asking me what I am listening too!ReplyCancel

  • The new site looks great. I love the whole caf/decaf thing by the way – very clever.

    But I agree with Oleg, there are too many images in one category. Instead of removing images, I think you might need more categories. That way you showcase all your work and you can identify your customer bases very easily.ReplyCancel

  • Wow, thanks so much for the honest feedback and the compliments. Keep it coming!

    I agree, I probably should divide it up a bit. I’ll be taking this into serious consideration.

    I need a few days to take a break though 😉ReplyCancel