happy earth day!

Today was Earth Day!

No better day to describe what’s happening on the grounds here at the Farm I suppose! In case you didn’t know anything about Earth Day, it’s the official day of the year where you’re actually supposed to do something good for this amazing planet we live on. Plant a tree, a seed, anything!

I’m addicted to Martha’s Gardening Section on her website. Has anyone seen the “Outdoor” Martha Stewart Living (extra) this year? The cover image was breathtaking! There are just too many awesome topics and I love reading about her gardens, both in the present especially the gardens at her old Turkey Hill Farm! I certainly have had my fair share of gardening mishaps, however.

I thought I would quickly jot down how I spent the day after getting my necessary work time in (of course 😉 )

Emma had her “Earth Day” party at school today and I provided, in lieu of cookies or some other sugary treat, some absolutely spectacular Aurea (Scotch) Moss! Emma’s classmates were the beneficiaries of these, and of course we planted some as well in our yard.

Photograph by Laura Bruen, Artist & Photographer - http://www.shoot-scoop.com

Here is the amazing Nikko Blue Hydrangea that I must plant once the weather warms up permanently. I have been told in the past that a good rule of thumb for planting outdoors is to plant once the danger of first frost is out of the way. Best to use Mother’s day as your guide. I’m sure many experts will have other opinions and I’ve planted some today despite this past Sunday being relatively cold at night.

This Nikko Blue is not going anywhere until after Mother’s day. I just started transitioning it to the outside during the day, however. Here is it’s lovely home currently – getting just the right amount of sun & shade.

Photograph by Laura Bruen, Artist & Photographer - http://www.shoot-scoop.com

But when you move it outside, my GAWD. It’s just stunning. I simply cannot wait to plant it.

Photograph by Laura Bruen, Artist & Photographer - http://www.shoot-scoop.com

Behold the current yard project. The weeds were getting ridiculous and this pond needs a makeover. I plan on removing that rock waterfall (probably move it to another location to reuse it somewhere else) and create my own out of rocks, although I am not sure if it that portion will get done this year. For now, I just wanted to get the weed barrier down and some plants around it.

The rocks are reclaimed from the yard (as in, I had to dig them out of previously defined planting areas) I plan on cleaning them up and am confident it will look *really* nice when completed – but for now, it’s just a jumbled mess!

I don’t have an official “before” but this is from the other day.

Photograph by Laura Bruen, Artist & Photographer - http://www.shoot-scoop.com

This area will be a work in progress. We worked on it today but I don’t have any photos of the progress just yet. Stay tuned!

We’ve also been sowing seeds.

Today I found a great website Ecologue! Awesome website with all sorts of green living ideas. Check out this article on Easier Ways to Honor the Earth .

Great article on composting too. Overall, a clean design and easy to navigate. 10 Stars!

And, while on the topic of composting, did everyone know that a favorite is giving away coffee grinds for your garden?

Yep.  You guessed it.


Read that article.
Excerpt:  “Using coffee grounds in a worm bin:
Worms fed with coffee grounds combined with other materials will flourish.”

Great!  Worms all caffeinated up.  Just what this farm needs, churn and burn baby.  Sign me up!

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  • Oh you have a pond! And a waterfall! I sooooo want one! We just didn’t have any more energy when it came to planning the backyard to include anything but a simple bed. I will have to live vicariously through you 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Ha! Yes! I do, it’s a mess currently but we love it.

    We actually bought some Koi last year – but we gave them away to another Koi owner as it was just one more thing we really didn’t need to take care of, in addition to attracting more-than-desired attention to it from the little kids. The Koi joined another school of Koi.

    sidenote: Speaking of Koi, I’ve really gotta hit Koi one of these days!

    Hopefully I can make this little area photo-worthy!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    Happy Earth Day (a day late) to all. Every day is earth day. I recently came across a picture of myself and a friend and I’m wearing a t-shirt that says “Save The Planet” I got it at the very first NYC Earth Day celebration. I had to beg my parents to let me go on my own. I came home and threw away every aerosole can!!! Even my beloved Aqua Net. If you knew me back then, you’ll remember my hair!!! Strive to remember our earth in your decisions EVERY DAY and we’ll all benefit. Be well, MichelleReplyCancel

  • I have them on the side of my house and they THRIVE and get HUGE! LOVE THEM, just disappointed that I planted them where I can’t see them, I make sure to walk over that way to enjoy them. Every year for Mother’s Day I ask for a flowering shrub, I have 2 lilacs, 4 Nikkos, a white/green hydrangea (not sure of the name). This year I am unsure of what to try! Any recommendations? I love to garden.

  • […] of you may remember my Earth Day Post last year, when I spoke about the new planting bed beside the […]ReplyCancel