farm update

I have not been a very good blogger these last few days, have I? The weather gets nice and my cell phone shots of the day start stoppin… ;-).

Believe me, I have good reason. When I’m not working these days I’m gardening / doing extensive yard clean-up, weed control, and even found some poison ivy this year that didn’t exist the previous 2 years. Seriously, the grounds here are out of control!!! Weeds everywhere that need attention. In my (not so) spare time I took some photos of my grounds and plan to post a landscape plan once it’s finished. Since every story needs a beginning, The gardening plan must be the beginning.

I’ll leave off with a quick shot of my weeping cherry on it’s way out of bloom. I do actually have some images of the cherry in full bloom but not handy at the moment. You will notice the weeds underneath the weeping cherry, which I meticulously ripped out the previous year, only to be greeted once again this spring. Nice.

Laura Bruen, NYC Photographer, NJ Photographer

*Edited to add:   At least weeding counts for good exercise!

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