the farm: bathroom episode 2 – a find!

I was hoping for a find when we started gutting this bathroom. I thought I found it with the tiles. Unfortunately the tiles were not as old as I had *hoped* them to be, although I still think they are cool – I’m not sure we will be spending the extra time to preserve them.

We did, however, find something pretty cool this evening in the bathroom behind the sheetrock.

Photograph by Laura Bruen, Artist & Photographer -

Photograph by Laura Bruen, Artist & Photographer -

Yes, it’s a Styrofoam cup, with an old tea bag! That’s 11/10/1989 “Ron Chesek”. I would’ve been really weirded out had it been 11/11/1989 – I’ve had a weird thing with 1’s lately. Thankfully it was 11/10.

Who’s Ron Chesek and why would he leave an old cup with tea in my wall? At least we now know the last time it was updated.

I’ll admit, not the find I was hoping for, but a find nonetheless!

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  • Barbara

    Ron Chesek was the electrician we hired to rewire the house shortly after we moved in. We moved in in August of 1989. That is so weird that you found this tea cup! Ron was then and I believe still is a Middletown police officer. I’m wondering if he put his name and date on the cup thinking that some day in the future someone would find it behind the wall. Strange. 🙂ReplyCancel