another service announcement.

Dear Shoot-Scoop,

I miss you terribly, but between being sick for 2.5 weeks, during pretty much the entire holiday season with a flu that turned to bronchitis and well, not much got done during this time.

The good news is that I am on the mend, finally.  Whew.

Shoot-Scoop, you’ve been a great blog and you deserve an upgrade.  You need an upgrade.  My friend, an upgrade is exactly what you are going to get.    I just can’t post another shoot only to have it deleted at any random time due to a software issue.  I promise to resolve this for you, and have you coming back looking all brand new and sparkly.You will have larger images, you will have dynamic commenting, and you will have video capabilities.    Most of all, you’ll make my life much easier because you won’t be doing funky things like deleting my posts.

I’m upgrading you myself, so please be patient.  This should give newbies a chance to become acquainted with you – even maybe read some renovation posts!  How fun!

I promise this will not take long – maybe only a a week or two, maybe less.  Stay tuned.  2009 is going to be a great year, I have three weddings left for 2008 to blog about.  We have a new spinoff division of Laura Bruen Photography to chat about.



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