Pleasantdale Chateau – Laura Bruen, Photographer

Hi everyone, it’s been a while!   I’ve got lots to update (I keep saying that, I know!) and a new site to launch, and some really exciting projects to post about.  But I just wanted to stop in and say that I’m THRILLED that my work has been featured on Pleasantdale Chateau’s Official Website!

Rachel & Dan’s wedding, who’s wedding will be part of the new website launch, had an amazing wedding at the Pleasantdale.    For those that have not heard of the is an excerpt from their website.

The former home of Charles Walter Nichols, a renowned industrial leader in the early 1900s, is a spectacular display of artisan craftsmanship and luxurious comfort.

In 1959, the house was left to the board of directors of his company and was used as an exclusive corporate training retreat. In 1994, the Knowles family acquired the property, keeping its elegance and rich history intact and updating it to meet the needs of the discerning public for use as a special occasion venue, which includes the addition of the Grand Ballroom.

In keeping with the property’s earlier roots, as farmland maintained by Dutch settlers in the 1800s, Pleasantdale Château maintains a farm and apiary on its grounds that provide fresh produce for our events and other local area restaurants operated by the Knowles.

The grand-yet-intimate environment and privacy Pleasantdale Château offers is a rare find, and one that will set the tone for your event.

To sum it up – the place really is unreal and worth a visit for sure.   Laura Maddon and the rest of the staff of the Pleasantdale are simply unmatched in their customer service to clients and vendors.   The food is amazing, the grounds, breathtaking.   Definitely give them a look for any event you may be considering.   ‘Nuff said.  Now get on over there and check out my work on display – grouped with many other beautiful images from other photographers, my images have my copyright info along an edge to show my work in particular.  Here is the  link to the Pleasantdale Photo Gallery.

I’ll be back to tell you more about my recent adventures, including my recent work for Absolut Vodka!  For now, I leave you with a screenshot from the Pleasandale Chateau’s Website, exhibiting my work.


Laura Bruen, NYC Photographer, NJ Photographer




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