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the farm: my office

My office has been a bit uninspiring. With big houses and the DIY couple, plenty of projects get undertaken but seldom finished on time or all at once for that matter. So is the case at our house. I have not finished decorating my laundry room. I still need window treatments, accessories and the mentioned…

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  • Patricia

    I think you might have gotten the same effect with a hot glue gun!!! LOL!!!ReplyCancel

  • I really don’t think it looks bad in here at all. I think all the white would really work with some of your pieces up on the walls.

    Can’t say Im digging the carpet too much but you could put down some engineered click floors yourself. I did it in my last house’s basement and it wasn’t nearly as hard as I though it would be. And a little sparkly light fixture would finish the room nicely.ReplyCancel

  • Yes, I think it will look nice too, once I decide what to put up as I have 3 months of whiteboard calendar from Pottery Barn to go up somewhere also (it’s gotta be functional for me as well).

    The carpet, while it’s not horrific, is not the best choice for someone with dogs (we have two). It attracts every bit of hair and for sanity one must vacuum it at least once a day! NOT my gig. Yes, I could go with those floors and that may not be a bad idea, considering the wide plank we want is still quite a few years off and it’s presumably best to have them all done at once – as in, the entire downstairs.ReplyCancel

  • OR – maybe a nice rug 😉ReplyCancel

  • Any suggestions for the windows? ReplyCancel

  • Looks awesome!!!!! If you are ever bored, grab your caulk gun and head over, I can keep you busy!ReplyCancel

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