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cell phone shot of the day

I just fell in love with these decorative balls @ Target today. I didn’t buy them because they do not match my current decor ANYWHERE but I really thought they were pretty. Oh, in case you didn’t notice, they’re 5.99 😉 I was less than impressed with this year’s Global Bazaar there – although I…

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  • When I saw their capiz shell light fixtures I was very excited (b/c I wanted to put one in my closet). That was until I realized they were plug ins! Who has electrical outlets in their ceilings?ReplyCancel

  • M Lemishev

    I have walked out of there spending less than $100. I actually called 2 people after to tell them LOL. I call it the $100 store.ReplyCancel

  • MrsLimestone: I know!! HOW CRAZY is that – (and thanks for blowing my Cell Phone Shot of the Day Cover! ha ha) . In all seriousness, I don’t get it at all. No switches either, you have to manually plug and unplug them to turn them on and off.

    How LARGE is your closet miss? I do not remember seeing a shot of that on your blog, off to check it out now.

    M Lem; – Yes, you are indeed an anomaly!!

    If anyone reading this may know why I can’t seem to post images in my comments, please email me! (click email up top)