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family session: the t’s

Playing catch up…here is a summary of some of my favorites from a  fabulous shoot in December with the T family. I love these two… Kelly’s sister. To boot, she had some super cute shoes! Is this not a great looking family?  Thanks so much for everything.   It was so great to see you…

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  • Samantha

    This is a great looking family – those two boys are so handsome! Again, great job!ReplyCancel

  • Marie D.

    I love the wintery feel of it and the last one with the red background.ReplyCancel

  • Wow! This family is beautiful to see! Very nice work, great atmosphere created by the location! Wonder where this took place? Love the lighting here as well.ReplyCancel

the k family

I had a fabulous time shooting the Kuper family. Madalyn We thought she was making a move to roll over for the first time…she was really ambitious here.

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  • Nicole A. Wetzel

    Great shots! I love how you capture all the personalities!!! 😉ReplyCancel

  • rosalie kuper

    Laura – you are the best. We had so much fun and had so many compliments on the pics. I think I can say that i even came out looking good!! Thanks so much.ReplyCancel

  • Jodie Borenstein

    These are amazing photos. I can’t see them often enough! I gave your photography services to Rosalie as a gift for her shower and it certainly was the gift that will keep on giving! Thank you for doing such an amazing job!ReplyCancel

  • marianna voorhees

    I love the feet pictures!!ReplyCancel

  • kelle G.

    Laura…I could eat those little Kuper Kids…soooooo cute they are. I love the abandoned kid on the picnic table…Once again…you are fabulous (and really nice shower gift Jodie ; )ReplyCancel

  • Dana Battaglia

    Laura, you are an AMAZING photographer!! You really captured them so beautifully!! what a talent!!!ReplyCancel

family session: the n family

A recent session with the fabulous N family. The girls were on their best behavior. Check out Samantha’s beautiful nursery. And Alexis’ Big Girl Room. Samantha is 3 months old. Alexis is 3. Have a hard time picking from those three 😉 Family. Samantha was a week from her baptism. Will you just look at…

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  • What a beautiful family and beautiful photos. (Although the dress standing on its own on the couch is a bit freaky)ReplyCancel

  • It totally is! Which is why, of course, I love it!ReplyCancel

  • This is one of my favorite shoots you’ve ever done. It’s sooooo lovely.ReplyCancel

  • Thanks so much!!! One of my favorites as well 😉 ReplyCancel

  • Donna

    We loved it as well! We had such a hard time picking which pictures we wanted that we practically ordered all of them! Laura, we can’t wait for you to take more pics of our family! They are amazing!ReplyCancel

communion: Morgan

I’m trying to catch up. Here is a few shots from a recent communion portrait session. Meet Morgan, the communion beautiful communion girl. And her big sister, Shannon! Of course, when there are pretty dresses, there is dancing. And if the shoot is after the Communion, there’s running in the rain 🙂 Of course, running…

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  • hey! is that a nikko blue already in bloom in your yard???????????ReplyCancel

  • Hi Dawn!

    It was actually in bloom when I bought it (greenhouse) – so it bloomed a bit early. It wasn’t planted in this photo, I brought it out for the session to have some blue in the background.

    HOWEVER, my “Blushing Bride” hydrangeas are just starting to bloom. Do you have any Nikko Blue’s in your yard? When are they supposed to bloom? Should it be soon?


  • Marianna

    I love the running in the rain pics, you can’t even tell it was raining. The Feeley girls look like they had a lot of fun!!ReplyCancel

  • hey lady, my nikkos are budding but won’t bloom for some time…….I don’t pay much attn to dates, but since seeing your awesome landscape map I want to next year do one and track dates. I guess to say July, but I will keep you posted. I also ahve a whiteish/greenish hydrangea, unsure of it’s exact name and that one is also budding!ReplyCancel

  • Marianna, thank you!

    Dawn – yes, they’re already done for the year because they were greenhouse grown. I need to get them into the ground soon!ReplyCancel

family session: p & m

Had the *wonderful* opportunity to visit P & M – and their lovely mom Alison in Madison, New Jersey for a New Jersey family portrait session. Big kisses Alison, thanks for having me come to shoot your beautiful children! See you again soon!

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  • Alison

    Laura, Thanks so much for the wonderful pictures. You did a great job and I’m thrilled with how many pictures I have to choose from. I can’t wait to frame some for a photo wall. I’m anxious for you to come visit us again and capture our new baby once she arrives and some more photos of Paige and Matthew.ReplyCancel