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My name is Laura, I'm a mom, artist, photographer, home renovator, decorator, graphic designer, wine enthusiast :-).   I was born and raised in NYC, but now currently reside in NJ in an old 1856 Farmhouse which my husband and I are renovating.   I started this blog o scoop on things I shoot.

For more official information on me, you can hop on over to my portfolio website - located here -  Laura Bruen, Artist & Photographer and read my official Biography.  Here I just try to talk about my awesome clients, kids, home renovations and artwork.   I hope you enjoy it!

Visit often and definitely feel free to leave me some comments!   I love meeting new people.  

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Laura Bruen

The Studio

Laura Bruen operates out of an 1856 Farmhouse Studio on 2 acres in Middletown NJ, a headshot studio in Summit, NJ and on location internationally.  Here on Shoot-Scoop, she blogs about the trials and tribulations of renovating her the old beauty.

Laura Bruen