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I’m alive!

Sorry, offline life has been crazy these days. Busy. I finished painting my office but I need to take some after photos of it (I even have a blog post in my drafts waiting for the afters).  I’m at a complete interior design standstill.   I’m addicted to painting whites these days. I painted the office 3 different whites – and now I’m sitting here thinking…there are just so many decorating options to choose from when you go with whites!  I’m looking into lighting as the ceiling fixture needs to be replaced and I can’t find the “right” fixture. I’ve been to a ton of lighting stores and whew, what a decision.   I’ll leave that for the office post (which should *seriously* show no later than this Saturday – I promise).  I also have quite a few sessions to blog about.

Oh, yes, and it’s tax season.  Must finish my taxes ;-).

Thought I would share these spoons they’re really cute ;-).

Laura Bruen, NYC Photographer, NJ Photographer

Updates soon!

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