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No words can describe the amount of hustle and bustle going on at this very moment.  Kelle and Nick have a TON of friends and family that were anticipating this wedding.  We were about to head off to the beach for portraits. Kelle walked in, and the world stopped for a moment. “Nick’s first look.”

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  • samanthaSeptember 21, 2008 - 5:42 pm

    His eyes are all lit up! Very handsome groom. Congrats to the couple. Can’t wait to see more!

  • KelleSeptember 21, 2008 - 6:01 pm

    He is so handsome…I just want to kiss him…lol

  • SharonSeptember 21, 2008 - 6:50 pm

    Wow! My mom was right! I see an angel!

  • SharonSeptember 21, 2008 - 7:45 pm


  • MichelleSeptember 22, 2008 - 5:37 am

    Hi guys! I had a great time assisting Laura at your wedding. Even I haven’t seen the photos yet and can’t wait! I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon. Michelle

  • Fay and DavidSeptember 22, 2008 - 1:22 pm

    Awe…look at Nick! All bright eyed…can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.

I will catch up soon on my blogging, I promise.  September sorta knocked me for a loop with Emma in school, work, house progress… In the meantime, can you  name this famous pig?

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  • Laura S.September 19, 2008 - 7:26 pm

    I don’t know who the pig is, but he reminds me of Wilbur from Charlotte’s Web. I read that book when I was wee (10 or 11) and never, ever ate meat again. To this day!

  • laura bruenSeptember 20, 2008 - 7:02 am

    Laura – I’m surprised! You haven’t seen this pig in Asbury Park? 😉

  • laura @ the shorehouseSeptember 24, 2008 - 9:01 am

    *really*?!? Have not seen. This isn’t by the pork chop graffiti artist guy, is it? (his tag is typically more of a “chop” vs. “swine.” 😉

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  • Kelly LSeptember 8, 2008 - 5:30 pm

    hahaha……Love it!!! ;o)

  • samanthaSeptember 9, 2008 - 8:05 pm

    Anything titled “Something Wicked” coupled with “boudior” coupled with a hot & sexy shoe in a distressed environment has GOT to be good. Now you have me on the edge of my seat.

  • DawnSeptember 12, 2008 - 8:51 am

    dude!! (Dudette???) suspense is killing me……..let’s GO! :o)

What a blast I had with Kelly & Mike while photographing their Engagement Session.    We covered a lot of ground…literally! These two are great.           What a sexy couple, eh?     Kelly is clearly going to be a stunning bride!     Love these two!   Yeah, I’d say…

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  • DawnSeptember 5, 2008 - 7:53 pm

    you were at Allaire! Knew it from the first shot!!! I shoot there all the time!!!!!! I take an annual photo of the boys in front of that red door! Awesome shoot, love the vintagey feel of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly LSeptember 5, 2008 - 8:11 pm

    They are AMAZING!! We had an awesome time. I am so thankful that Mike and I are able to work with you! You are one talented chica! ;o) Can’t wait to work with you at the wedding! :o)

  • KellySeptember 5, 2008 - 8:21 pm

    Laura….you are awesome! Absolutely love these shots!!! I felt like I was watching a story unfold….very beautiful! Can’t wait until it’s my turn to work with you!

  • jen r.September 5, 2008 - 9:11 pm

    Once again, incredible!!!

  • Fay and DavidSeptember 6, 2008 - 6:40 am

    Gorgeous! Look’s like these came right out of a fashion magazine.

  • MSeptember 6, 2008 - 10:13 am

    Love them all.

    They are a beautiful couple, can’t wait to see the wedding shots. Best of luck in your future together.

    Laura, as always, your work is amazing.

  • casacaudillSeptember 6, 2008 - 10:34 am

    Now that’s a couple that likes to kiss!

    Loving the train station shots – so unique.

  • laura bruenSeptember 6, 2008 - 12:19 pm

    Thanks everyone. This shoot was a lot of fun! You’re right Becky, they sure do love to kiss – that’s what it’s all about though, right? 🙂

  • MrsLimestoneSeptember 6, 2008 - 4:34 pm

    Great shoot! I particularily love the one you shot thru his arm.

  • ASeptember 6, 2008 - 4:46 pm

    The pictures are absolutely stunning!! The old train station ones are beautiful!

  • Mike SSeptember 7, 2008 - 9:33 am

    These pictures were easily 100 times better than what I was anticipating. I had a great time, Laura your work is stunning ! Thank you so much for the great time, I can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Laura S.September 7, 2008 - 2:58 pm

    Fabulous as always. Where is the train station? It’s so cool!

  • Kim FSeptember 7, 2008 - 7:13 pm

    It brings tears to my eyes everytime I see your work. Every photo you take is amazing you have a way of bringing the photo to life. I could feel their passion.

  • laura bruenSeptember 7, 2008 - 8:59 pm

    Thank you so much everyone. I love comments!!!

    Laura S. – That is Allaire State Park in Farmingdale, NJ. Ain’t it great?

  • MichelleSeptember 8, 2008 - 6:09 am

    These two are so hot, I could barely stand it. Whew!!!

  • Diana AcostaSeptember 8, 2008 - 11:04 am

    Laura you did it yet again, all i can say is WOW, your work your ART, you have an eye thats like no other, you capture the beauty of ones soul through your lense. GREAT!!!!! i love it… thumbs up to you yet again!

  • BarbaraSeptember 9, 2008 - 5:54 pm

    The whole slideshow gave me such a good feeling. You know that has to mean your work is terrific if it has such a good effect on people.

  • samanthaSeptember 9, 2008 - 8:09 pm

    Amazing images, beautiful couple! Congrats to Kelly & Mike for getting Laura Bruen to do the photos!

    Wow. Just…, Laura.

    When is the first celeb wedding? 🙂 . Love visiting the blog!

  • LizSeptember 10, 2008 - 11:56 am

    Wow Laura! These are some seriously sexy photos! Fantastic! 🙂

  • BrieSeptember 15, 2008 - 4:46 pm

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your photos are amazing, and I mean amazing!!! I can’t wait to see more. You do very nice work!

  • laura bruenSeptember 17, 2008 - 7:15 pm

    Thank you thank you!

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