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Internet….how have you been?  It’s been YEARS since I have blogged.  I’m really apologetic for the Shoot-Scoop hiatus.  I’m slowly but surely making my way back to the blogging world and I have quite a lot of things to post.   After going on and on in my head about when the right time to post, how many posts should I put up, yadda yadda –  Instead of waiting for it to be perfect, I’m just going to roll tide and launch it, and start posting regularly.

Shoot-Scoop was created with the vision of not only about showcasing my professional work – also to dish on all things that are of interest to me.    I was going through the blog, scrolling back to my old “cell phone shots of the day” – shot on my ANCIENT LG phone – it was so tempting,  even advisable, to go back and edit those images/posts out.   Instead I’m just going to move forward and not look back :-).   ONWARD.

That said…I have tons of interesting photos, projects, & subjects to post!   I hope you will stop in from time to time and say hello!  I love comments and meeting new people.

To celebrate Shoot-Scoop’s relaunch, the studio will be offering special rates for a limited time on weddings, headshots & portraits.   Inquire within.

Thanks again for stopping by!

All The Best,

Laura Bruen, Artist & Photographer

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