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halloween 2009

This Halloween was fantastic.  Had a great time with my kids and got together latter on with some of her school friends and the parent.   I watched my daughter go through an extreme costume transformation.  On Friday, Emma was Tinkerbell. Doesn’t she look angelic? We somehow misplace the wings overnight (which we have located), but…

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  • Paulina & Christian Gravier

    These are some great pictures! You and the kids look great. Where’s Jimmy’s costume 🙂 ?ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Larson

    Luke and Michael had a WICKED good time.
    Thank you!
    I love that skeleton candle – creepy.ReplyCancel

  • I love the make-up and the crazy hair! You look awesome. And I’m kind of loving that your daughter chose to be a vampire…I think she’s primed and ready for the next Asbury Park Zombie Walk. 😉ReplyCancel

  • Laura – you aren’t kidding! I think she’d gladly participate. Maybe next year!

    Michelle – I’m glad they had a good time, that candle is supposed to ooze red wax out of the eyes but we didn’t let it burn long enough.

    Paulina, of course, Jimmy didn’t wear one. Next year!ReplyCancel

  • Your daughter is totally scaring the crap out of me! (Scary children are so much more scary than adults could ever be! If you don’t believe me, go watch pet cemetary!)

    Love your Halloween decorations – great way to hide the fog machine. But how did you plug it in out there?ReplyCancel

  • Mrs. Limestone – Thanks! Yes, I totally agree, kids dressed scary are totally scarier than grown-ups. We actually have outdoor outlets and extension cords running.ReplyCancel

  • Maggie

    your pics are great, your daughters are adorable, love the vampire blood on your eldest and your house looks awesome…ReplyCancel

  • Thanks Maggie. I still have a hard time looking at her in that photo of her hissing – it scares me!! 🙂ReplyCancel