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maternity: axiously awaiting rocco

I was fortunate enough to work with Melissa of Pampered Bride Weddings and her husband Jay.  They are expecting (and she’s 5 days late I might add) a baby boy!  Rocco!    Since I’m so behind on blogging, I thought maybe it is only right for me to get her maternity portraits up before Rocco decides…

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  • Grace

    I wish I looked that great when I was pregnant!! That close up of her face is just stunning. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

maternity: kelly & joe

I’m going to precede this blog post by saying that maternity portraits are typically shot two months prior to your due date under normal circumstances :-). I received an email from Kelly, who contacted me during week 37 of her pregnancy stating, “I’m still up for having my picture taken!” I was thrilled, but knew…

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  • These are such fab photos!! So warm yet glamorous in an everyday sort of way.

    And their apartment is also pretty amazing. Any chance Kelly would share where she got her headboard? I love it.ReplyCancel

  • Their NEW apartment is even more amazing. Wait until you see it.

    Re: Headboard, I of course asked her when I first showed up (it’s a showpiece!) I believe she said it was a Soho store find – but I may be mistaken. Hopefully she gets in here and fills us in. She had a great knack for putting things together and inspired me to my daughter’s photo wall (blog post to follow when I can get to it).ReplyCancel

  • Lisa

    I love this session! Those photos on the wood floor are fabulous. The park photos, fantastic. Beautiful & real. ReplyCancel

  • Michele

    Love the pictures! She looks GREAT for 37 weeks and going into labor that day!ReplyCancel

  • As always, gorgeous.

    But um, that bed?! LOVES it.ReplyCancel

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  • Val

    Laura – these are really beatiful. What a cute couple, in addition to the headboard and the photo wall (which I will also duplicate!) Loving those little flats she has on. Noticed she owns them in 2 colors!
    I know 2 places where you might be able to get a similar headboard made…won’t be cheap though. That is a showpiece!ReplyCancel

michelle’s maternity portraits

One of my oldest and dearest friend Michelle’s maternity session. These shots were taken the day before she gave birth. My sessions are fun! Isn’t she beautiful? Michelle’s husband is a skilled carpenter & craftsman, she wanted a few shots with his handiwork. We’re going to preserve this as well (we have to get all…

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  • Oh my gosh, beautiful images Laura, Michelle, my heart goes out to you, God bless you for your strength and courage. I had chills when I read the end, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I hope you were able to spend some precious time with your son, even though it will never be enough.ReplyCancel

  • Hope

    Laura & Michelle,
    I’ve already expressed my admiration over these shots….your talent will never cease to amaze me, Laura. Michelle, you are a pillar of beauty and strength…and your husband is truly a spirit from the old world. Every day I say a prayer for you and your family…and say hello to baby John…I love you very much. These pictures are truly a mirror into your gorgeous soul…ReplyCancel

  • My thoughts and prayers are with your friend.ReplyCancel

  • Those images are ethereally beautiful. My condolences for you and your dear friend. I’m immediately impressed upon by Michelle’s joyful spirit.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    WOW! What an amazing woman!!!

    God Bless!!!ReplyCancel

  • marie

    AMAZING, Laura, absolutely amazing. Michelle, your very calm caught on film shows you at peace here. Thoughts are with you and your husband & son.

    Laura – you are a gifted artist with a very recently launched blog – can’t wait to see what else you come up with.ReplyCancel

  • my thoughts go out to your friend Michelle; having seen my sister lose her son just days after he was born, i know the strength and fortitude it takes and your friend is an incredibly brave and resilient woman.ReplyCancel

  • Michele

    We are so sorry for your loss. These pictures are beautiful and we truly admire your courage and strength.

    Our thoughts are with you,
    Michele & Tony GenoveseReplyCancel

  • It as taken me a week to come back and post. The first time I saw the images I was so moved by them, before I ever read the caption emotions welled up inside of me. When I did, the tears flowed for your friend and from the truly inspiring images and the story they will always keep.

    My thoughts and prayers will always be with you.ReplyCancel

  • Diana Acosta


    I have told many times – I love your work, this – my friend – is breath taking. As I sit and read the bio you have attached with Michelle portraits my tears creep so gently down my face, I feel a sense of loss as well –

    Michelle you are a women with Spirit and Grace. You will find a place of tranquility as baby John has. May he rest in the palm of GODS hands. Know that you will meet your son again.

    My prayers go out to you, Luke and your husband John.

    With sincere thoughts of you,
    The Acosta Family.ReplyCancel

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