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the farm @ christmas

OK, the very last of the holiday content! I promise! I just realized the wreath isn’t centered on the dutch door, oops! Slightly different angle so you can see the trees we have on the porch. View from the street: (really need a big bow for the large wreath)  Fence in focus…   Of course, with…

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  • Beautiful shots! I am inspired for next year!++

  • Number 1 I want for Christmas decoration year after year! What a gorgeous House with a life all it’s own!
    Great shots! Can’t wait to see your theme for Martin Luther King day! Valentine, Easter on and on!

  • Patricia

    Looks great! At least its only the wreath that’s not centered… I left my pumpkin (from Halloween) on my front steps with all my decorations!!! LOL!ReplyCancel

the foyer @ christmas

The foyer and the outside seem to get the most attention during the holiday season. I haven’t downloaded the exterior shots yet but I do have the interior shots completed. Here is a transformation for you. The foyer fireplace before we purchased the home: Fireplace last year (still with screen) – you’ll notice the walls…

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  • Thats a great room! And so huge for a foyer!

    Do you find you end up leaving a lot of junk on that table or does it stay mostly neat? Im thinking of adding a little table to the living room (near where I’d walk in) but I don’t know if I want to give myself another mess to clean up.ReplyCancel

  • You know, I’d have to say that for the most part it’s clean – not one of our junk collecting tables. We walk in the back entrance – so the mudroom and the kitchen table get the clutter – which is why I’m happy when people come to the front door 😉 ReplyCancel

  • Ok, so that wouldn’t apply for me. Only one way to walk in for me.

    Im jealous of the whole mud room thing. That seems like such a luxury 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Yes, it is! I LOVE my Mudroom. 😉ReplyCancel

  • […] Foyer has not changed much since last Christmas but I’ll post a few […]ReplyCancel

our farm: the foyer

Welcome to Our Foyer. Remember, those that have full access can see the floorplan. The porch right now needs to be cleaned up, we have wood and stuff out there so I will spare you the porch (just for now) 😉 We enter through, what most would call a foyer! Not sure what many others…

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  • Wow. I LOVE the chess table. And the stuff you took with no flash makes the room look like something out of BARRY LYNDON. I love it. Killer!ReplyCancel

  • The red looks really great.

    Im in the process of picking paint colors now and I have no freaking clue. Of course I have to give our contractor the paint selections in a few weeks and Im no where near to having decided a single room. How did your selection process go?ReplyCancel

  • Thanks Scott & Mrs.Limestone.

    For those that don’t know what the heck Scott is talking about, go ahead Watch the Barry Lyndon Trailer – I had to, LOL. Now, for some odd reason I will need to watch the movie. Thankssoverymuch.

    Mrs. Limestone –

    I’m still having issues with it. I can’t commit to anything really, hanging things on walls, etc.

    I can only really decide on a color for a room by LIVING it, quite honestly. That’s how I roll. So, that being said my process is:

    a.) Stare into space
    b.) Check the lighting
    c.) Pick an inspiring color (or as learned, uninspiring color)
    d.) Go from there and wing it.

    For example, the foyer was one of the first rooms we painted. I wasn’t particularly ready to be risky right away having no idea how I was going to decorate. I then checked the Pottery Barn colors (I had purchased the swatch book) and just blindly picked out a color that I <em>cannot even remember</em>. Hated it. Immediately decided to go with something bold and went for it.

    You will see in future posts, I wasn’t so bold in other rooms and again, was forced to go bold. It’s a pattern, really, and an extreme waste of paint but I have no other way of knowing how it’s going to look unless I live with it. I think that has to be one of the single most difficult decisions on decorating.

    Ever since I went RED though, I have loved every square inch of that room. It’s so boudoir looking. All I need is a few funkier pieces (maybe a leather wingback? maybe a crystal sconce as opposed to the artwork on either side of the room) and I’ll have a theme room to shoot out of. Of course, I’ll have some shots around as well ;-).

    I just have a hard time committing to hanging anything unless I get that “it’s right” feeling, ya know?

    All of this being said, I don’t envy your decision. If it were my decision – I would tell them to either paint all white or just prime and let me move in, live there, and pick one by one (knowing my speed of color selection, white would be the smarter move, methinks, at least for me).

    I definitely won’t lie about LOVING Pottery Barn colors though. – ETA: I love them, absolutely love them.

  • Diana Acosta

    You have a great sense of style, that’s why I fell in love with your previous house and had to have it. You have done wonders with your new house keep up the good work, To Jimmy and Laura you both deserve a hand of applause.ReplyCancel

  • I wish I could live there first before deciding paint colors but wont work for us for many reasons but the most important being Mr. Limestone won’t let me :and I dont do ladders. So Im kind of stuck. To make matters worse, the old owners painted the place almost entirely in this minty green color so no matter what samples patches I put up, every color looks different with the mint green everywhere.

    So you dont like the PB colors huh? I was kind of relying on them for my inspiration. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Love the PB colors – LOVE them. Just not the first light one I chose. Sorry, I suppose it could read wrong.

    I LOVE PB colors. Love them.ReplyCancel

  • Dina

    Hi Laura,

    Absolutely love ALL of your photos!!
    Really enjoyed browsing your site…
    I have a dream to have a professional photo session:)

    Perhaps one of these days…before I am too old:))

    All the best!! You rock!!