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weddings: carmela & alex

I was so very happy when I received a call from Alex,  a groomsman from Karen & Michael’s wedding, telling me he and Carmela wanted me to shoot their wedding. Tom Tom, our trusty (most times, anyway) GPS got Michelle and I here a bit early, so I took some time to fire off a…

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  • Alex

    Laura, Awesome work, as expected. Can’t wait til October to see more. You! you have a gift, you…ReplyCancel

  • Samantha

    Congrats to the Bride & Groom! What a beautiful wedding! I wouldn’t think twice about blowing up any of those church photos for my own home! They’re awesome. I also love the one you titled “Romantic Chivilry”. The images, the people, all beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Carmela

    Laura – you truely do AMAZING work. Love love love the pictures! Thank you so very much! Can’t wait October to see more.ReplyCancel

  • Patricia

    I love these pictures! So romantic – so stunning! You are always doing something different…. that’s why I love your work so much!ReplyCancel

  • Fay and David

    The couple looks so happy and thanks to you Laura, they can remember their happiest wedding day. Amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Wow! So pretty, all of it, every shot tells a story. One can see from start to finish the story of love, family, joy, peace, lust, grand personalities….all of it. This looks like a MOVIE!ReplyCancel

  • All very beautiful. I love the one with the bride’s reflection in the window…what an unexpected and beautiful shot.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    Laura, I think these are absolutely amazing! Several of them made me tear up.ReplyCancel

  • Randi

    Laura these are AMAZING!!! I think that one of them off in the distance in the dark is totally sweet. They should BLOW THAT UP BIG. ReplyCancel

  • Max


weddings: karen & michael

It is with great pride I present these images to you today as Shoot-Scoop / Laura Bruen Photography’s wedding debut! Being this is Shoot Scoop’s first post in the Wedding Category, it is going to be a doozie. Lots of images, but that’s what you’re here for after all, yes? Karen booked me blind –…

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  • Way to go!!! Love them!ReplyCancel

  • Fay

    Gorgeous! So glad you’re our wedding photographer…9 days to go!ReplyCancel

  • Patricia

    WOW!!! So elegant and beautiful! You captured all of those wonderful wedding moments and feelings. Great job! You go girl!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha

    Kick a#@! Amazing. What talent you have! Congratulations to the Karen & Michael – on your wedding – you both look gorgeous, and congrats on your photos by the very talented Laura Bruen!!!

    I love them all, love the dancing photos and the photos of Karen and also Michael chilling with the boys! I feel like I was at the wedding. Great shots! Amazing church, amazing portraits of the two of them together! Actually, I can go on and on.

    Karen, you made an absolutely beautiful bride.

    Laura, again, great job!!

  • Asi

    wow…those pictures are amazing. I wish I could have been at the wedding with my friend….it would have been awesome! You guys look beautiful and very happy. I congratulate you once again….stunning.

    best wishes from Iceland,


  • Uncle Toby

    And again The talent you got from me shines through !!!! Great job !!ReplyCancel

  • Michele

    Amazing job!! The bride could easily be a model and the pictures are absolutely beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • M

    The pictures are amazing. You are really talented. The bride and groom were gorgeous. I actually saw her dress on some wedding show the other day on tv and loved it.


  • FEEN

    the picture of the couch at the end is my favorite.ReplyCancel

  • Toni

    The pictures are amazing.. TRULY… I love them. You have a great talent. And, by the way, do you only photograph beautiful people???? 🙂

  • Nancy

    Amazing photos as usual! We finally have a date. I’m emailing you 😉ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    I want to get married just so you can take the pictures, because you are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have a true talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are the BEST I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Debra

    You always do such an amazing job!!!

  • Donna

    Absolutely beautiful…ReplyCancel

  • Aunt Susan



    XOXO SUSANReplyCancel

  • Asi

    Hi Laura,

    I have seen photos from weddings and birthdays from all over the
    world….yours are just unbelievable. I am a visual person who can truly
    appreciate this kind of work. I have never seen anything like it. The dvd
    version was great…i was in ahhhhh…..

    If i ever get married I will have to fly you over to Iceland to shoot my



  • Donna M.

    Amazing. You did a phenomenal job. I so would’ve booked you had I known about you years ago! ReplyCancel

  • Thank you for all of the support and amazing comments from everyone!!! Wow! Thanks so much!

    Asi, I’d love to photograph a wedding in Iceland! Thanks for the kind words!

    Keep them comin’ 😉 I love comments.



  • Jodie

    Absolutely beautiful photos. You are truely amazing! Didn’t hurt to have a beautiful couple either! Congrats to the bride and groom!ReplyCancel

  • Robin

    The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. You are truly gifted.

    I wish I knew you when I got married!


  • D'Anne

    Great pictures, what a beautiful bride!ReplyCancel

  • erin

    Awesome job laura! Pictures are fantastic!! Way to suck out all the artistic talent Dad has for yourself LOL… The bride and groom both look beautiful and happy… You captured some great moments Congrats!!ReplyCancel

  • Mike L.

    I had the pleasure of attending this awesome event and you really captured the love, excitement and fun of the day.
    Thanks for not ordering me around to much.

    Brother of the bride, (the good looking one)ReplyCancel

  • Jean Tobin

    You saw love in every picture! Eyes meeting… a kiss…. laughter in their dance… confidence
    that THIS is the real DEAL! LOVE WAS IN THE AIR and YOU CAPTURED IT ALL! Only very few have your talent! YOU’RE THE BEST!!! I would love one day to learn from YOU!

    PLUS … the technology you used in your presentations! I LOVED the shooting
    noise of your camera to turn the pages! AND having some photo’s take up both
    pages without a crease! Just fantastic!


  • betsy

    Gorgeous, Laura! Truly beautiful shots.

    Love the dad hugging the groom photo, and that first full face, color bridal portrait – just beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • aunt poppy

    You captured the moments beautifully! Well done sweetie! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Barbara

    The pictures are wonderful. You did a great job and are super-talented. Congrats on a job well done.ReplyCancel

  • jen diehl

    you never cease to amaze! i want to get married again just so i can have you shoot my wedding! i will have to have a blow-out 10yr anniversary party! lol! congrats on an fantastic job! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Oh…my, my, my!! These are the most fabulous wedding photos I have ever seen. I am at a loss for words!ReplyCancel

  • Alex

    Laura….”your good you…” “you have a gift”ReplyCancel

  • Michael (The Groom)


    I first met Laura on my wedding day & we immediately hit-it-off. Rest assured she’s the real deal; full of talent and personality. Laura & her faithful assistant Hope attacked our wedding like the NY Giants in Super Bowl XLII.


    Thanks again for your hard work & dedication. You helped make our day very special. Best wishes to your business & family.


  • Hope (assistant)


    Well, I for one am NOT surprised at the end result. You had everything going for you that day…gorgeous church, gorgeous couple, NYC as your backdrop, and genuine raw talent…what more could you ask for!

    To Karen and Michael, I wish you a world of happiness and never ending love….especially with that gorgeous little girl on the way. When I watched the dvd version, it brought tears to my eyes. Karen, I am soooo happy it worked out the way it did, and that I was a part of it all, along with the utterly talented Laura. Michael, thank you for the kudos, much appreciated.

    Now I need to land Laura a wedding out here in Portland, so I can relive the moment!!

    Laura, I’m afraid you may have to shoot my wedding one day 🙂

    I love you, girl!

    PS-my favorite shots are the one of Michael dancing with Karen, doing the (whats that move called, the swim or something??). It’s too much, he looks so happy! And the other is the very last shot of them on the balcony, with their noses rubbing…now THAT’S love!


  • Hope,

    You were an amazing assistant. If I could fly you with me for every wedding I would, in a heartbeat… Damn you Portland for taking her away!!! I know you will be living an amazing experience there.

    Love you too! We miss you here already.


  • Karen (The Bride)

    The minute I saw Laura’s website I knew she had “it” and I wanted her to shoot our wedding. I never even looked at another photographer and I have absolutely no regrets.
    Our wedding was out of a fairytale and Laura was a huge part of that. Her energy and enthusiasm radiated and the outcome was more than I had hoped for.
    We have so many beautiful pictures to choose from, I don’t know where to begin. The dedication and diligence she put into our gallery and slide show was unimaginable.
    Thank you Laura and Hope for capturing the beauty and joy of our wedding and giving us memories that will last a lifetime.ReplyCancel

  • Lidia (mother of the groom)

    Laura, the wedding pictures are absolutely amazing. I look at them almost everyday, and still can’t choose which ones to select for our album — they are all so beautiful…You did an outstanding job.. of course what can I say as the mother of the groom, they are an absolutely gorgeous couple,, stunning.., but pictures don’t lie, and you captured the beauty of their special day, and thanks to you both Michael and Karen will have these fantastic pictures to remember their wedding… Thank for your hard work and enthusiasm.